New Membership Application and Range Rules
(both forms must be completed and signed)

Annual memberships include OFAH membership and liability insurance.
Renewal Rates:
Renewal rates are $200 per year for an individual and $250 per year for a family, due no later than March 31 of each year, and are subject to change. Late payment is subject to an additional $50 fee.
First Year Membership Rates:
All first year membership rates include a $50 registration fee (waived for family memberships). Pro-rata membership rates are available from August and include a full year OFAH membership irrespective of what month you join.  Membership fees for the first year are as follows:

* OFAH does not offer paperless family membership at this time. A family consists of the club member, his/her spouse and their dependents under 25 years of age.
Joining TDRGC:
New applications must be presented in person at a General Meeting (4th Thursday of the month at 8pm). There are no General Meetings in July and December. Applications are also not accepted in February.  Only complete applications with payment and signed range rules will be reviewed and taken into consideration. Payment corresponds to the month in the above table that you present your application. If paying by cheque make it payable to “Tavistock and District Rod & Gun Club”.
All applications must have at least one sponsor. Your sponsor must either attend the meeting with you, or write a paragraph attesting to your character and shooting experience. If you do not know anyone at the club, you can get a sponsor by attending an event, shooting as a guest at trap, arranging to shoot at the range with a member, attending Tuesday family evening or attending an archery shoot before you apply for membership. You can email for more details on obtaining a sponsor.
You will be notified if your application has been approved within 3-4 weeks of the General Meeting. If your application has been approved, there will be a mandatory range safety instruction that will need to be completed. Dates for these instructions depend on range officer availability.
In order to bring restricted firearms to our range a separate practical range safety course must be completed. These courses run periodically through the year at additional cost.
Our club is a non-profit organization and in order to keep dues affordable we expect members to volunteer/participate at least 6 hours per year at events, clean-up days, fundraisers etc. If this participation requirement is not met there will be a $100.00 surcharge at the next renewal. Hours are prorated for those joining part way through the year.
For further information on membership, please contact

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