Open year round, organized activities include:

Long Guns & Hand Guns: Monday, Wednesday, Friday (9am-9pm)
and Saturday 10am-6pm
(Special event shoots throughout the year)

Archery: Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.
(Special event archery shoots throughout the year)

Trap Shooting: Wednesday 6pm-9pm (summer)
and Saturday 1pm-4pm (winter).
(Trap tournaments and special events throughout the year)
The Tavistock and District Rod & Gun Club offers a friendly atmosphere where shooting enthusiasts can enjoy a wide range of activities. Located near Harrington, the Club is situated on 31 acres of  wooded and open property bounded by streams.

911 # 336994 33rd Line
Email Us at

Or send snail-mail to:
Box #1, R.R. #3
Embro, Ontario
N0J 1J0

Club Executive:

President: Tim Segeren

1st Vice President: Mike Aitken

2nd Vice President: Shayne Murray

Directors: Bill Ellis, Fred Buck, Terry Partridge, Mike Bean, Rude Elderhorst, Chris Richter

Secretary: Jim Featherstone

Treasurer:  Steve & Cherie Winkle

Property:  Milt Illman, Fred Illman, Justin Ruller

Archery:  Mike Lobsinger

Range:  Robb Williamson

Trap: Steve Grigor

Membership:  Duart Noordhof

Newsletter:  Belinda Edwards

Audit: Glen Varey, Randy Binkle, Shawn Davis

Bar: Casey Jones
Members can use the facilities at any time. 

Guests are welcome  with a member.

Gun shows are scheduled twice a year at the Tavistock Memorial Hall.
See flyer here.

Family Night features supervised archery and pellet gun shooting with a BBQ and fun night once a month. Family Night every Tuesday evening starting in May and running until August (weather permitting).

EXECUTIVE MEETING:  4th Thursday of month at 7pm.
GENERAL MEETING:  4th Thursday of month at 8pm.
NOTE: There is no general meeting in July and December.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Range Open
9am - 9pm
Bow Hunting Only
Range Open
9am - 9pm
Bow Hunting Only
Range Open
9am - 9pm
Range Open
10am - 6pm
Bow Hunting Only
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